Buy Cred (LBA) Tokens and receive the benefits at
Buy Cred (LBA) Tokens
and receive the benefits at

Use the LBA token to

  • Access the Cred Platform

    Submit an application to obtain a business or consumer line of credit against your crypto.

  • Create better loan terms

    Use LBA tokens to lower the interest rate of your loan.

  • Exchange and share

    Share LBA with friends and family to help them better their loan terms.

  • Participate in Cred governance

    Vote on specific projects and proposals to facilitate platform technology development.

  • Rewards

    Receive token grants for successfully bringing other users to Cred.

  • Increase your deposit yields

    Use LBA to increase your deposit interest.

  • Utilize the protocol

    Access and develop upon the Cred protocol modules — scoring, badging, identity and marketplaces.